I currently study Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I'm a very passionate technology and education enthusiast, and I absolutely love being challenged with new ideas every day. My research and innovation interests lie in understanding and evaluating the feasibility of education technologies for low-resource environments and in studying novel use-cases for machine learning. I aim to engineer creative and contextually appropriate technological solutions for different communities.

You can read about my ongoing and prior work, see my latest talks and presentations, check out my one-page CV, or find out more about my hobbies. I love to read, write and play the violin among other hobbies such as music composition. I also (not very often) write down my bathroom musings on my public blog.

I enjoy mulling over thought-provoking quotes, and I have an entire page dedicated to some of my favourite ones. I also love TED talks, and I keep sharing my favourite talks on the blog. Please shoot me an email if you'd like to share a pun with me or if you have any questions!

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